Episode #37: Die and Be Dead

October 11, 2015

Our BEFORE THE FLOOD discussion episode! We delve deep into a theory about Clara’s impending doom.

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Episode #36: Living My Ghost Life

October 4, 2015

Our UNDER THE LAKE discussion episode! Clara is becoming more and more like the Doctor every day, and as we know from past experience, that's never a good sign...

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Episode #35: This is the Story of a Dalek

September 27, 2015

Our THE WITCH'S FAMILIAR discussion episode! In addition to discussing Twelve, Clara, Missy, and Davros, we speculate about some potential plots we might see this season, including Gallifrey and the confession dial.

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Episode #34: A Date with Davros

September 20, 2015

Series 9 is finally here! Join us for a discussion of THE MAGICIAN'S APPRENTICE and all the crazy, weird, wonderful interactions between Twelve, Clara, and Missy.

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Episode #33: Chicken Nugget

August 17, 2015

Our last news update episode before series 9 begins! We've got some interesting stuff related to David Tennant and RTD to discuss, and of course, some trailer talk.

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Episode #32: Winter is Coming, Old Man

July 26, 2015

We discuss Comic Con 2015, the first series 9 trailer, and some moderately crazy theories regarding Maisie Williams's character (courtesy of ScreenRant.com).

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Episode #31: Perfect Shuffle

June 15, 2015

More news and updates as Series 9 rapidly approaches! This month, we're offering some San Diego Comic Con tips, a discussion about the return of Gallifrey, and a recap of what we can expect from Series 9 (female writers! so many two-parters!) We're also introducing some fun new segments to keep us occupied until the show returns.

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Episode #30: Erin and Karaoke

May 6, 2015

As the premiere of Series 9 gets closer, we're here with our monthly update on filming news, episode speculation, and more! Back by popular demand: the Doctor Who themed music guessing game - wow, so fun.

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Episode #29: Tidbits

April 8, 2015

The premiere of Doctor Who series 9 is getting closer, and we've got a whole lot of news to talk about! Join us for a discussion about casting, new episodes... we're even playing a GAME (wow, so fun).

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Episode #28: We Have to Go Deeper

December 26, 2014

Our LAST CHRISTMAS discussion episode! Clara makes her triumphant return to the TARDIS for a creepy Christmas-themed adventure with Twelve, and we're here to discuss every hilarious and heartwarming moment of it.

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