Episode #44: Clara Lives

November 23, 2015

Our FACE THE RAVEN discussion episode! Everything is fine. Clara is happy and having adventures with the Doctor. We don't know what you're talking about.

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Episode #43: A Fireside Chat

November 18, 2015

Surprise! Here's a bonus full-length episode because we have too many emotions about Clara's upcoming departure. We go over a bunch of new Face the Raven reviews and teasers - too top secret to list here!

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Episode #42: Let Me Be Brave

November 15, 2015

We're throwing ourselves full-force into speculation about the remaining three episodes of Series 9! We attempt to answer some unsolved mysterious: what is the Hybrid? How will the Doctor's confession dial come into play? And why did Missy choose Clara in the first place? All this and much, much more in this week's Doctor Who discussion.

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Episode #41: Truth or Consequences

November 8, 2015

Our THE ZYGON INVERSION discussion episode! We've got plenty of theories regarding Clara's upcoming exit, and of course we have to analyze that amazing speech delivered by Peter Capaldi - what many are calling his first real "Doctor moment."

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Episode #40: Peace, Love, and Rock n Roll

November 1, 2015

Our ZYGON INVASION discussion episode! Not everything is as it seems as the Doctor comes in contact with yet another hybrid. Also, what's next for Clara?!

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Episode #39: Immortal Squad

October 25, 2015

Our THE WOMAN WHO LIVED discussion episode! There's a lot to say about this new version of Ashildr, the Doctor's immortal friend who has been changed greatly by the passage of time. We also delve deep into a new theory about Clara's future (or lack thereof).

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Episode #38: Val-HOLLA

October 18, 2015

Our THE GIRL WHO DIED discussion episode! The Doctor and Clara have a new friend in Ashildr, the Viking girl played by Maisie Williams. How will Ashildr adjust to her new immortality, and what's in store for Clara as the stakes continue to rise?

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Episode #37: Die and Be Dead

October 11, 2015

Our BEFORE THE FLOOD discussion episode! We delve deep into a theory about Clara’s impending doom.

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Episode #36: Living My Ghost Life

October 4, 2015

Our UNDER THE LAKE discussion episode! Clara is becoming more and more like the Doctor every day, and as we know from past experience, that's never a good sign...

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Episode #35: This is the Story of a Dalek

September 27, 2015

Our THE WITCH'S FAMILIAR discussion episode! In addition to discussing Twelve, Clara, Missy, and Davros, we speculate about some potential plots we might see this season, including Gallifrey and the confession dial.

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