Episode #63: Veritaserum

May 25, 2017

Our "Extremis" discussion episode!


Episode #62: I Can’t Look At Anything EVER AGAIN

May 17, 2017

Our "Oxygen" discussion episode! 


Episode #61: Who’s There?

May 10, 2017

Our "Knock Knock" discussion episode!


Episode #60: Thin Ice, Hot Topics

May 3, 2017

Our "Thin Ice" discussion episode!


Episode #59: Peace Sign Emoji

April 26, 2017

Our "Smile" discussion episode! This week, we're talking all about the emoji robots and the way this episode portrayed technology's role in the future.


Episode #58: Penguin With His Arse on Fire

April 19, 2017

Our THE PILOT discussion episode! We finally get to meet new companion Bill Potts, and we have plenty of thoughts on her character and the fun changes in store this series.


Episode 57: Not All Heroes Wear Capes

January 9, 2017

Our The Return of Doctor Mysterio discussion episode! The Christmas special was filled with plenty to discuss, including fun new characters, a conflict-filled plot, and cool tributes to classic superheroes.


Episode #56: Super Santa

December 20, 2016

The 2016 Christmas special is fast-approaching, and we're discussing interviews, trailers, and the superhero archetype!


Episode #55: Drama Happens

September 18, 2016

No premiere date for Doctor Who spinoff Class yet, but excitement is ramping up! We recap everything we know about the show so far and discuss some interesting set reports and quotes from Patrick Ness.


Episode #54: Late Night With Kara and Erin

July 27, 2016

In our July episode, we're discussing Comic Con, filming updates, and of course, the immortal legacy of Steven Moffat.